A family atmosphere in the heart of Champagne

Les Anges Déchus brewery is the project of Ozgur KAVAK and his partner.
"I brew and 2 evenings a week and we also welcome the public in our friendly little bar."
Together, they run a bar in a small town in Champagne: Villenauxe-la-Grande.


The beer that makes you travel


"The legend says that the Kurds are the children of the fallen Angels (les Anges Déchus in French).
"Ozgur is of Kurdish origin from Mesopotamia. The name of the brewery is directly inspired by its origins.


Beer imagined by a biologist


Before starting out as an artisan brewer, Ozgur was a Biologist.
It is thanks to this know-how that the brews of les Anges Déchus are unique.
In addition, the production is entirely dedicated to organic and artisanal creation.